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This website is an evolving discussion about Search and Rescue (SAR) in Georgia


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    My top priority is addressing the need for information on SAR in Georgia. Topics that I've included are:

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    Recommended Reading
    Building a Basic Foundation for Search and Rescue Dog Training
    Buzzards and Butterflies - Human Remains Detection Dogs
    The Handbook for Managing Land Search Operations
    High Angle Rescue Techniques Text and Pocket Guide Package
    Lost Person Behavior: A search and rescue guide on where to look - for land, air and water
    Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
    On Rope: North American Vertical Rope Techniques for Caving ... Rappellers
    Search and Rescue Canine - Training Log and Journal
    Search and Rescue Dogs: Training the K-9 Hero, Second Edition
    Scent and the Scenting Dog, by William Syrotuck
    Training the Disaster Search Dog
    Urban Search: Managing Missing Person Searches in the Urban Environment
    SAR Links
    Alabama Association of Rescue Squads
    Alpha Team K9 Search and Rescue
    Central Alabama Search Dog Association
    Central Georgia K-9 Search and Rescue
    dbS Productions
    Dogs South K9 Search & Rescue
    Emergency Response International (ERI)
    Georgia Department of Natural Resources Search and Rescue Team
    Georgia Piedmont Region K9 Search and Rescue
    Georgia Trackers Alliance
    National Association for Search and Rescue
    National Cave Rescue Commission
    National Search Dog Alliance
    North Carolina Search And Rescue Advisory Council
    Search and Rescue Dogs of Georgia (SARDOG)
    South Georgia Search Dogs
    Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads
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